Botox Treatment for Painful Sex

  • Have fear and pain stopped you from having intercourse?

  • Are you unable to use tampons, or feel like they won’t fit?

  • Do you physically withdraw or panic during gynecological ­exams?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be suffering from a condition called vaginismus. Once you come to terms with the “Do I have vaginismus?” question, you’ll learn that the condition can be overcome with our comprehensive Botox Treatment Program for vaginismus. This treatment for vaginismus represents a breakthrough in overcoming the condition. Our Botox Treatment Program for Vaginismus includes a pain-free, thirty-minute procedure under light anesthesia. During this treatment for vaginismus, we administer vaginal Botox injections to prevent the involuntary spasms. To continue with vaginismus treatment, we then progressively dilate (stretch) your vagina, leaving the dilator in place so that you actually wake up experiencing pain-free penetration.

Explore your options here at We’re here to help you understand what causes vaginismus, how you can know if you’re experiencing vaginismus symptoms, and offer some vaginismus stories and support from patients.

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“It has been three weeks and two days since my procedure.
I was finally able to achieve intercourse tonight – full penetration!
I have learned so much about myself and my body since the procedure.
I would highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from vaginismus.
I feel like I have a real marriage now. I feel triumphant!”

What is Vaginismus

Vaginismus is a condition marked by involuntary spasms of the vaginal muscles, brought on by the fear of penetration. As a result, any attempt at intercourse, tampon use, or even a routine gynecological exam is not just painful, but virtually ­impossible.

If you think you have vaginismus, know that you are not alone. Up to seven percent of women worldwide suffer from this condition  Too often, vaginismus is overlooked or mis­diagnosed by health care providers unfamiliar with this condition.

Vaginismus is also misunderstood by both partners in a relationship. She thinks: Why can’t I do what seems to come so naturally to other women? He thinks: Why can’t you just relax?

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