Meet the Staff

Introduction for Vaginismus Patients

From the moment you make your first connection with us, you will be greeted by a friendly staff dedicated to helping women with vaginismus achieve a cure. Everyone on staff has considerable knowledge about vaginismus and understands the difficulties women face day to day. We also understand that it is difficult for most women to speak about this condition let alone fill out a comprehensive questionnaire detailing their experience with vaginismus. Our staff is committed to supporting our patients in every phase of their care.

Experts in Vaginismus

We consider ourselves experts in the field of vaginismus having cared for hundreds of patients with vaginismus. Our staff helped guide us through the FDA approval process to continue our research in vaginismus using Botox injections and progressive dilation under anesthesia as well as post-procedure support and guidance to cure vaginal pain. We have a very high cure rate because of the technique used and the post procedure support given to every patient.

First Steps for Vaginismus Patients

Your first “go to” person will be Cynthia Piar. After you contact the office by phone or by email, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out. Once we receive this, it will be reviewed by Dr. Pacik. It is important for every patient to read the book written by Dr. Pacik “When Sex Seems Impossible. Stories of Vaginismus & How You Can Achieve Intimacy” written specifically for patients with vaginismus. This book will guide you through an understanding of vaginismus and how we treat it. After you have read the book, Dr. Pacik will contact you for a complimentary phone call to discuss your condition. Jenn will then work with you to schedule your treatment. Samantha Diaz, our financial coordinator, will work with you regarding fees and help with understanding loans available for those who need financial assistance.

Insurance questions are directed to Diane Tremblay who is happy to do a complimentary pre-determination of benefits. Because of our FDA approval for our continued research in the treatment of vaginismus, many insurance companies have covered at least a portion of the fees. Ellen Wilson, our surgical technologist, will guide you through preparing for treatment. She assists in both the treatment of vaginismus and post procedure care.

Following treatment under anesthesia you will be transferred to the recovery room where our nurses Tracy Ouellette, RN will care for you and help you through the early steps of dilation.

This is just part of our team that make things happen for our vaginismus patients. We have a large supporting staff and treat our patients in an atmosphere of trust, support and respect. Everyone on staff has years of experience helping women and their partners in the treatment of vaginismus. All of our patients are considered family. Our staff is committed and dedicated to the successful outcome of our vaginismus patients.

  • Janet Pacik

    Janet is the practice manager of the Plastic Surgery Professional Association and oversees our daily operation. Janet helped design the book about vaginismus, “When Sex Seems Impossible. Stories of Vaginismus & How You Can achieve Intimacy” . Her daughter Nicole Piar designed the covers of the book, all illustrations, as well as the layout. Janet brings to our team 30 years of experience in graphic design and business. Her expertise in these areas has helped bring our center to the forefront of caring for patients with vaginismus. She has enhanced the many scientific publications and lectures given at professional meetings with her artwork. She always makes sure our patients are well cared for. If she is not in the office you can probably find her cycling with Dr. Pacik.
  • Ellen Wilson, CST

    Ellen Wilson, Certified Surgical TechnologistEllen is a certified surgical technologist working in our surgicenter, coordinating patient care and assisting in the operating room. She has extensive experience in a wide array of surgical procedures and has spent many years working in this capacity. Dr. Pacik and Ellen work closely together with our vaginismus patients and all aspects of their care. She is a happy person who is always upbeat, dedicated to providing high quality care and loves working with our patients.

    Cynthia Piar

  • Cynthia WanamakerCynthia, our medical administrative assistant, will be your first contact with the office. She will facilitate the completion of the vaginismus questionnaires and give you scheduling options. Cynthia’s major area of responsibility is to oversee the efficient and smooth operation of the office, a task she performs extremely well. Her friendly attitude and empathy are continuously noted by patients and staff alike. Cynthia also works closely with Dr. Pacik disseminating important new information about vaginismus with blogs, articles on our website, as well as staying in touch with our Facebook and Twitter communities.
  • Tracy Ouellette RN

    TracyStaffTracy, advanced cardiac life support certified, is one of our recovery room nurses. Tracy brings many years of experience into the caring of our patients both before and after anesthesia. She works closely with our vaginismus patients helping them progress with their dilators. Her calm demeanor is very relaxing for all who work with her.

  • Samantha Diaz

  • Samantha, our financial coordinator, handles all financial aspects of our practice. Samantha works very closely with patients assisting them with financing and payments. She is efficient, handles a large workload, and is always pleasant to work with. Samantha comes to us with an extension background with our advanced skincare division.


American Board Certified Anesthesiologists are responsible for the anesthesia given in our surgicenter. They are highly trained MD’s who have advanced training in anesthesia and pain control, and who routinely care for complex cases done at the hospital. Together they have considerable knowledge which helps us maintain the highest standards of care in our surgicenter. They all enjoy coming down to our outpatient surgicenter where our relaxed atmosphere is a departure from the sometimes frenetic pace of the hospital. We too, feel very comfortable having this elite group of doctors manage an important part of our patient’s care.