Cost of Botox Treatment for Vaginismus

What goes into the Cost of Botox Treatment for Vaginismus?

The cost of the Botox treatment for vaginismus includes the review of the completed questionnaires, initial phone call img-dr-peter-pacikto the patient, consultation fees, the Botox injections and dilation, anesthesia services and drugs, use of the surgicenter including staffing and supplies, two to three days of post-procedure counseling and long-term follow-up. The fee also includes a set of Pure Romance dilators and a DVD containing the many aspects of the post-procedure counseling to take home for review.

Because of the ever-changing costs involved in the Botox program (increased cost of supplies and drugs, equipment, Botox, ancillary services such as anesthesia support), it is necessary for us to increase our fees for the Botox treatment program plus progressive dilation under anesthesia.

Increased fees for the Botox Treatment for Vaginismus

The fee of $5,600 is guaranteed through November 2014; however, as of December 1, 2014, fees for the treatment of vaginismus will be increase 4.5% to $5,850.00. There are many women who struggle with fees – and we thought long and hard before increasing our fees – but it is important to continue to cover our costs of this treatment. 

Financing the Botox Treatment for Vaginismus

CareCredit_OneColor_stackedThere are many ways that women have access to loans to help with the cost of vaginismus treatment. These include the use of Care Credit which provides an interest free loan for twelve months, asking parents to help out,insurance coverage including the parent’s insurance policy, asking for loans from family members or friends and your church. Though many women hesitate speaking about this condition it is important for others to understand that sexual pain is actually quite common affecting 30% of women worldwide. For those who do not want to speak about vaginismus, there is the option of buying the book “When Sex Seems Impossible…”that I authored and give this to a family member simply saying, “Please read this. This is me.” 

300 women treated since 2005 with a success rate over 90%

We continue to have a vaginismus treatment success rate well over 90% in the more than 300 women who have been treated since 2005. I have published a number of scientific papers regarding the use of the Botox multimodal program to treat vaginismus. We as a staff do everything possible to make this your last stop in the treatment of vaginismus.

disgust and vaginismusI urge you to explore our website dedicated exclusively to vaginismus patients on VaginismusMD and our Plastic Surgery website for more information. We also encourage you to sign up for the private VaginismusMD Forum and to introduce yourself, where you can share your questions, concerns, and stories with others coping with the same condition as well as patients who have completed their treatment. It is a wonderful community of women that helps to remove the feeling of isolation that is so common with vaginismus.We look forward to speaking to you and provide a complimentary phone call to discuss the completed questionnaire.


Peter T. Pacik, MD, FACS