Vaginismus Symptoms and the Inability to Use Tampons

Vaginismus Symptoms and the Inability to use a tampons

Vaginismus symptoms and the inability to use tamponsOne of the earliest symptoms of vaginismus is the inability to use tampons. Most women are introduced to tampons at a young age. Women with vaginismus, especially those who suffer from the more severe forms of vaginismus, cannot insert tampons. Even if a woman can insert a tampon, there are times it cannot be removed. This is because the tampon swells as a result of absorbing blood and secretions; therefore, the tampon can no longer be removed through the spastic vaginal muscle.

Vaginismus symptoms inability to use tampon feeling left outThis symptom of vaginismus can cause issues for women that may not be immediately apparent. About 50 to 75% of my patients first realized there was a problem when they were unable to insert a tampon. This created a problem for these girls because they were involved in sporting events such as gymnastics, cheerleading or swimming team.  Because of their fear of having to use tampons during menstruation, they ultimately gave up pursuing these activities resulting in defeat and a sense of shame and feelings of being an “outsider”. This sense of shame and feeling like a freak can last well into adulthood.

Treatment for vaginismus can help women overcome this hurdle and experience relief, joy, and a long-overdue sense of normalcy. The treatment of vaginismus with Botox can be very successful – and it can open so many doors in life.


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Janet Pacik is the practice manager of the Plastic Surgery Professional Association and oversees our daily operation. Janet has an active role in all operations of our vaginismusmd website. She collaborates often with Dr. Pacik and has great empathy for the vaginismus patients. She is always willing to give support individually as well as to the couple in their struggle with this condition.
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