Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus Treatment using Botox, Progressive Dilation under Anesthesia and Post Treatment Counseling

Vaginismus Treatment. 90% success rate with Botox and dilators.

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Successfully treating vaginismus since 2005, Dr. Pacik’s vaginismus treatment program has a 90% success rate, and is the only program in the United States to have received FDA approval for continued research. Once vaginismus is overcome and comfortable intercourse is achieved, most patients find no need for additional Botox, despite the fact that Botox only lasts about four to five months. The Botox treatment program is equally useful for short-term sufferers of vaginismus as well as long-term patients.

Vaginismus Severity
Using Botox treatment for vaginismus, along with progressive dilation and post procedure counseling lends itself well to vaginismus sufferers, whether it is the woman who repeatedly fails a variety of treatment programs or for newlyweds who want to quickly overcome vaginismus. It is valuable both in primary and secondary vaginismus and can be used for any severity of vaginismus from mild to severe cases. The entire program, which includes the use of dilators as well as post procedure counseling and support, must be used. We have seen a number of patients who had Botox injections only, without the proper post procedure support, who have failed vaginismus treatment.

Treatment Overview
Botox treatment for vaginismus consists of injecting Botox using a short anesthetic (about 30 minutes). At the time of anesthesia, the patient is dilated with a series of progressively larger silicone dilators. A long-acting local anesthetic is Vaginismus Treatment. 90% success rate with Botox and dilatorsalso injected so that the patient can wake up in recovery with a large dilator and have no pain. There is no discomfort because of the injected local anesthetic which lasts about eight hours and the topical anesthesia coating the dilators. During recovery, the nursing staff instructs patients how to use their dilators. Patients are routinely able to dilate to the largest dilators, without discomfort, within hours of their procedure. They leave the clinic with a medium dilator in place and sleep overnight with this dilator. Patients are taught how to use the bathroom with the dilator in place, though by the time of discharge from the clinic, most patients are able to remove and re-insert the dilator comfortably.

When they return the following day, the dilation program is reviewed and patients dilate once again to the large dilators. It is at this time that the patient is introduced to glass dilators which are custom-made for Dr. Pacik. The glass dilators are similar in size to the silicone dilators but half the length.

During this time, patients receive counseling how to use their dilators and how to create a daily log to keep Dr. Pacik informed of their progress. Counseling also includes concepts of how to transition from dilators to intercourse, positions of pelvic floor relaxation during initial attempts at intercourse, communication skills with their partners and how to prepare for a gynecological exam among some of the topics discussed.

Careful follow-up is then maintained to adjust the dilation program as needed. For patients who have relationship issues, continued fear of penile penetration or low libido, post procedure counseling with a therapist is also of great value.

Treatment Costs
For an exact quote for your vaginismus treatment, please contact our office. Insurance companies are doing a better job of covering at least a portion of the fees. Younger women are often covered under their parent’s policies. There are numerous aspects to the treatment including Botox, progressive dilation under anesthesia and extensive post procedure counseling as well as long term follow up and support. These areas are itemized when submitting claims to the insurance company.

What’s Included?
The cost of vaginismus treatment includes Dr. Pacik’s consultation fees, the procedure itself, the cost of Botox, anesthesia services and drugs, surgicenter, surgicenter staffing and supplies, recovery room, post-procedure counseling, staffing for two to three days of care and long-term follow-up. Our costs include the anesthesiologist, anesthesia drugs, upkeep of the operating room equipment, new equipment as needed such as anesthesia machines, autoclaves, operating room tables, resuscitative equipment, purchase of new drugs as old ones expire and the large amount of equipment needed in the operating room to ensure a safe procedure. We have monitors in the OR and also next to all beds. Additionally, we pay surgical techs, recovery room nurses, administrative support staff, all the expenses of running a practice and insurances, including malpractice insurance.

Vaginismus Treatment. 90% success rate with Botox and dilators.

For your free vaginismus treatment consultation, request a Patient Questionnaire via our Contact Form.