Menopausal Secondary Vaginismus

Menopause cause of Secondary Vaginismus

Secondary vaginismus is a sexual pain disorder in women who have had normal pain free intercourse in the past. Some event takes place such as childbirth, yeast infection, pelvic surgery, radiation for cancer or menopause (there are many other events also responsible). Sometimes the cause of secondary vaginismus is unknown. Painful sex can range from dyspareunia (pain with intercourse) to vaginismus and complete inability to tolerate any form of vaginal penetration. Though not well recognized and poorly diagnosed by physicians, the precipitating event in secondary menopausal vaginismus is generally a lack of lubrication. Artificial lubricants seem to do a poor job replacing natural lubrication, and microtears of the vagina begin to form setting up a painful condition. As this gets worse the patient appears to develop vaginismus, and when examined, appear to have the same spasm of the entry muscle as seen in the primary vaginismus patients.

Hormone Replacement in combination with the Botox Treatment Plan for Menopausal Vaginismus

Generally, if these patients can be started on hormone replacement and a topical such as Estrace, I find the aging tissues become more robust, and the vagina is better able to handle penetration. The spasm is treated with the Botox program which includes Botox vaginal injections and progressive dilation under anesthesia together with post procedure counseling as is done in our primary vaginismus patients.

A Personal Account

The story below helps give definition to this condition.

Dear Dr. Pacik,

I would appreciate it if you would add the following comments to your site for others to read regarding my treatment for Vaginismus. I was 56 years old when I recently had the treatment for my Vaginismus. I found out about Dr. Pacik’s treatment through my primary care physician who knew what a struggle I had been going through for about 6-7 years.

I believe that once I hit menopause certain things changed in my vaginal area which made intercourse EXTREMLEY difficult. To the point I would cry. I was so frustrated because I did not want to lose this intimacy with my husband who was very, very patient. But the truth was we had to stop having sex!!! I realize some have gone longer than me but I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had tried the hard plastic dilators but couldn’t get anywhere. I felt very alone and felt I had lost a major part of being a woman.

When I initially went to Dr. Pacik I was so amazed that there were so many others who shared this issue called Vaginismus! To find out there was a procedure that would cure me and that it was NOT painful totally amazed me. The cost initially made me feel that we could not afford it but after speaking with my husband we went for it and are currently still paying for the procedure, but boy is it worth it!

My husband and I are still working at becoming close again. I think my husband is fearful that he will hurt me again, but it is NOT a problem at all! It is totally amazing how the procedure made me again feel like a total woman again and my husband and I are getting closer all the time.

After the procedure I panicked because I could not get the largest dilator in whereas my roommate for the procedure could. But Dr. Pacik told me that it was okay that I would still be able to have intercourse. And he was absolutely correct. My husband went in with me for the procedure and Dr. Pacik helped to explain to him what he was doing and what had been going on with me. This was so helpful and I give my husband so much credit for going in because the husbands are given the option. He really gained an understanding that I was just not faking it, although he knew I wasn’t but I think it made it more real to him that it was out of my control.

It has been just about 5 months since I have had the procedure and I use one of the dilators every other night and it has worked like a charm. I will probably continue to do this out of my own fear that I don’t want to go back to the way it was, but Dr. Pacik helps you determine where you are going and what to expect. He is very caring and totally understands where we have been and learns from us all as he goes. I am so lucky that I found Dr. Pacik and could reclaim my womanhood!

Sincerely, (name withheld)