Vaginismus Cure

Vaginismus Cure: The Botox vaginismus treatment program

The Botox vaginismus treatment program consistently results in a high level of vaginismus cure. Ensuring that women have access to a comfortable and effective treatment for vaginismus is our primary concern. The goal of any vaginismus treatment program is a vaginismus cure, yet many of my patients have failed numerous treatment programs. Vaginismus is both emotional (the fear and anxiety of penetration) and physical (inability to achieve penetration). Treating the emotional side of vaginismus without the physical side of the condition, and vice versa, often results in failure. Add to this that the severity of vaginismus is usually not taken into consideration, and you have a setup for treatment failure. Painful sex isn’t something women should have to deal with alone – and vaginismus treatment with Botox can be the answer. We have found that a vaginismus cure, even in the more severe cases, is possible using a Botox vaginismus treatment program as described in our VaginismusMD blog “Vaginismus Treatment: The 1,2,3 Punch”.


The 1,2,3 punch of vaginismus treatment


The first punch is the injection of Botox under anesthesia. This is the knockout punch for the spastic muscle at the entry of the vagina (the “closed fist”). It will be unable to recover for about four months.

The second punch is the progressive dilation under anesthesia, stretching the tight muscle(s). Once these muscles are weakened and stretched under anesthesia, the continued post treatment dilation keeps these muscles stretched.

The third punch is reduction of anxiety. It is well known that fear and anxiety play an important role in continued spasm of the entry muscle. A lifetime of painful sex means the brain needs to be rewired. The brain says “PAIN“, the vagina responds with a protective reflex “NO ENTRY“. Once fear and anxiety lessen and women are able to tolerate penetration as well as having comfortable pain free intercourse, this protective reflex appears to diminish, and the reflexive spasm of the vaginal muscles appears to disappear.

Treatment for vaginismus consisting of Botox injections to calm the spastic vaginal muscles combined with progressive dilation under anesthesia to stretch the muscles and post procedure counseling and support consistently results in a vaginismus cure. Our vaginismus treatment research study, which was conducted in 2010, is the only study in the United States to receive FDA approval. More information about vaginismus and vaginismus cure can also be found on the Plastic Surgery website.

Vaginismus help is something that women suffering from this condition so desperately seek – far too often in silence. We are committed to ensuring that women have access to our Botox multi-modal program for vaginismus treatment in order to break free from a life of painful sex, uncomfortable or impossible gynecological exams, and other personal discomfort. We encourage women to seek vaginismus help and vaginismus treatment – both physically and emotionally. It’s an ongoing emotional battle, but focusing on that third punch support system has proven to be key.


Success Stories of a Vaginismus Cure can be found on our VaginismusMD Forum

Heather, our moderator of the VaginismusMD Forum, started two new topics “Success Stories” and “Success Stories (2)“ as a place for women who have completed our vaginismus Botox treatment program to share their success stories. Be sure to visit our VaginismusMD Forum to read the many success stories of a vaginismus cure.


There were so many wonderful success stories told so far throughout the forum that we have created a separate category for treated patients to share success stories. So often, women with vaginismus have suffered for many years in silence, telling no one at all about their condition. It is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world to finally be able to talk openly about this and share stories with other women who understand and have had similar experiences. Dr. Pacik and this program have changed my husband and my lives, and, after so many years of waiting and failed treatments, we are finally able to have pain-free and enjoyable sex, I can have pain free gynecological exams, and we are looking forward to starting our family in the future (a dream that was so far out of reach prior to this treatment). Please share your stories and I look very forward to reading all of them.

More testimonials about a vaginismus cure can be found in the Stories section


One of my visions in the creation of the VaginismusMD website was to share the stories as told to me by my patients. While each of these women is unique, their stories share similar themes. This goes to show that women looking for a vaginismus cure and vaginismus help can be an excellent support system for one another. It’s a great emotional comfort to know that someone else has been there  A poignant description of vaginismus cure can be read in the testimonial written by the husband of a couple who travelled from the Middle East.

YouTube videos discuss vaginismus cure using the Botox vaginismus treatment program


A treated patient can be viewed in Part 1 and Part 2 of a YouTube video interview. This two-part YouTube (in English and in Portuguese) is an interview of a 27-year-old patient who struggled with vaginismus for the two and a half years of her marriage.