The Importance of Dilators

Most of my patients are terrified of using dilators, and many have failed numerous attempts at dilation. There are several reasons for this. For those patients who have the less severe form of vaginismus, it may be something as simple as not being instructed properly. For the more severe forms of vaginismus who also have spasm of the vaginal muscles (“It’s like hitting a wall”), and they have difficulty inserting anything from a tampon to a cotton tipped applicator, GYN speculum or penis, it is highly unlikely that these patients will suddenly be able to insert a dilator, even the smallest size. Once the Botox has been injected, and the patient has been dilated under anesthesia, everything becomes easier and patients are able to begin the important vaginismus treatment dilation process that ultimately allows them to have pain free intercourse.

Dilation is used in the treatment program

  • During anesthesia after the Botox has been injected
  • In the recovery room at which time supervised dilation is performed
  • Post procedure when the patient returns for more instruction in the use of dilators and transition to intercourse
  • At home when the patient is working towards the use of the larger dilators
  • As a transition to intercourse by dilating prior to intercourse
  • In preparation for a GYN examination
  • To maintain the stretch of the vaginal muscles to avoid regression during the first year

As you can see, this is why my treated patients say “The dilator is your best friend.” When patients use their dilators religiously and stay in contact with my office, there is a very high rate of success in achieving pain free intercourse.

This section was written to help educate women in the proper use of dilators. Whether single or married, dilators are the cornerstone in the proper treatment of vaginismus.