Single and Dilating

Continued Dilator Therapy is Key
for the Single Vaginismus Patient

A number of my patients are single, yet they succeed in the treatment program. Once the Botox has been injected into the spastic muscles, continued dilator therapy is key to success and ultimately intercourse when the woman is ready.

Lauren: 24 year old nurse, 6 year duration of vaginismus

“I wake up thinking about my condition and go to sleep thinking about it. I think about it a thousand times a day.”

Sexual history of Lauren

” I had sex at 12 with my boyfriend at the time. I was not ready but I wasn’t pressured. It hurt badly but I associated the pain with being so young. I don’t recall having the burning sensation but I remember it hurting a lot. I waited to have sex again until I was 18 and already in the relationship for 18 months – these are my only 2 partners. I do feel that as an adolescent I was used for my large breasts ( I was overweight) and boys only wanted to talk to me to do sexual things. I never had oral, anal or vaginal sex but would allow them to fondle, etc. I always did and still regret this. It just made me feel used and unappreciated. Since I was 16, I was with the same partner. Out of 8 years, we probably had successful intercourse (meaning I wasn’t crying) under 10 times. In the beginning it was no big deal because we would just do other things, but the past 3-4 years it weighed on me heavily. I would totally disassociate from all sexual activity for fear it would lead to intercouse and I would have to say no and then feel “like a broken woman”. My partner was beyond supportive coming with me to appointments, never pressuring, he would not even let me satisfy him if I was unable to have an orgasm, he said it didn’t matter to him, even though I knew it did. So because of my fear, I lost all sexual desire, to the point I wouldn’t even want to kiss him, afriad of what it would lead to. Before I was officially diagnosed in June 2009, the idea of sex made me sick to my stomach and I didn’t want to feel that way.”

Recently separated prior to marriage she writes:

“I am afriad to date new people because I don’t want to drop this bomb on them. I also don’t want to date new people in general right now because we just broke up after 8 years, but I think my sexual problems will definetly hold me back from meeting someone new. The idea of having someone reject me because of this disorder is heartbreaking and I will not allow myself to be put through that pain again. Prior to being officially diagnosed, I had a colposcopy, biopsy and vaginal ultrasound at which the doctor found nothing and basically told me it was all in my head.”

Past Treatments

Dilators: June 2009-October 2009. Physical Therapy: June 2009-October 2009. Weekly biofeedback and pelvic floor exercises. I moved away from the doctors and I didn’t feel they were helping. Poor libido.”

For the single vaginismus women, dilation is necessary to be successful

This patient was treated with the Botox and dilation program under anesthesia and was able to advance to the largest dilators in three days which she has continued to the present. At the time of this writing she is six months post procedure. She has not achieved intercourse because she is now single and does not want to be involved in a new relationship yet. She continues to maintain her dilation schedule and stays in contact with us.