Dreaded GYN Exam

Challenges of Penetration

There are many challenges to women who suffer from vaginismus. For some, any form of penetration is monumental, especially for women struggling with the more severe forms of vaginismus. This may range from inability to insert tampons, cotton tipped applicators, dilators, GYN exams and of course intercourse. Most patients with vaginismus are terrified of the GYN exam.

Success! 2 Weeks After Treatment with Botox

The change that takes place after successful treatment is equally monumental as noted by this 36 year old patient who was able to achieve comfortable intercourse two weeks after being treated with Botox, progressive dilation and post procedure counseling.

“I made an appointment for my annual gynecological exam a few months ago and didn’t think anything about it until the morning of my visit to my doctor. In the past, I would perseverate, feel stressed out and sick dreading my appointment with my OB/GYN. As I left the house to go the gynecologist this time, I was calm as a cucumber.

I took a pamphlet about Vaginismus from Dr. Pacik’s office to share with my doctor. I explained to my doctor what I have been experiencing for the past 25 years unbeknownst to her. Even though she has been my doctor for almost twenty years, she had no idea what was going on with me. Still, she had been extremely patient, gentle and kind; she had no idea how to help me or what was going on.

I signed into the office and was immediately taken to a room. I asked the nurse if I could use the restroom, there I inserted the pink (#5 of 6) dilator. I went into the room and had to wait for about ten minutes until my doctor arrived and was still feeling very comfortable.

I hadn’t seen my OB/GYN for about two years so as I filled her in on the past couple years. I took the opportunity to share my experience with Vaginismus and my treatment. She was so intrigued and even praised Dr. Pacik for his work. She also shared with me that there were a few other patients that responded to exams the way that I used to, so she then planned to communicate what she had learned with them as well.

Now it was time for my exam, usually at this point I am sweating, panicked and so filled with anxiety that I can’t relax and just cry. Today, I was talking to my doctor as she inserted the speculum and in a matter of seconds my pap smear was complete! She gave me a big hug and said that I did very well.”

100 days post-procedure – I finally feel that I have power over Vaginismus!