Financing your Botox Treatment for Vaginismus

Financing your Botox Treatment for Vaginismus

Have you been thinking of coming to our clinic for treatment of vaginismus using Botox plus progressive dilation under anesthesia but have been putting it off because of financial reasons?

If so, you may find this newsletter helpful and it will explain that there are a number of ways to help finance your procedure.


CareCredit is specifically designed to finance medical procedures. This allows you to have the procedure you want now and pay for it over time. CareCredit offers low minimum monthly payment options, no up-front costs, no prepayment penalties and no annual fees. (Only available to patients residing in the United States.)

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Many our vaginismus patients who come into our practice have the loving and financial support of their family and church.  Parents often fund the treatment. They want their daughters to have a normal life. The church can be very understanding and supportive and have funded a number of our patients.


Historically, professional billings for vaginismus-related procedures have been successful in obtaining some reimbursement to the patient. Insurance companies vary in how much they will reimburse. Our office works with a 3rdparty billing specialist, Diane Tremblay of DMT Insurance Billing Services – this service is known as “Courtesy Billing.” Diane’s mission is to provide our patients with high quality, professional medical insurance billing with integrity and timeliness. Financial reimbursement is her goal for each and every patient.
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Presently, I am a participating physician with Aetna and Anthem; however, I will no longer be associated with Aetna effective July 1st or Anthem/Blue Cross effective September 1st. This does not mean that you will not be able to file a claim with Aetna and Anthem/Blue Cross for your Botox treatment; however, it does mean that you would need to have “out of network” benefits. DMT Insurance Billing Services is knowledgeable in acquiring “out-of-network” reimbursement for those patients who have this benefit. Out of network benefits applies to all insurance carriers to include PPO, HMO and independent insurance carriers. It is important to note that any courtesy billing is not a guarantee of payment and therefore, not a guarantee of reimbursement.

On Diane Tremblay

Diane has done an amazing job going to bat for countless patients helping them collect insurance reimbursements. We all know how difficult it can be; yet Diane with her 25 years of experience with insurance coding knows exactly what needs to be done. She comes to my office several times a week to make copies of records to help with the submission process. She contacts me personally when the odds are stacked against the patient to submit what is needed to turn it around. I too am very grateful for the work that Diane does every day.

Hear What our Patients Are Saying about CareCredit and Insurance

“My husband and I decided that we really wanted to have the procedure done as soon as possible. I was able to open aCareCredit account for almost the full amount of the procedure and on very short notice I was able to schedule my procedure with Dr. Pacik!”

“I applied for CareCredit and was approved to cover most of the procedure/treatment cost! It was such an easy process and I’m so thankful that Dr. Pacik’s office accepts CareCredit. I was able to call that day to set up my procedure! The best part is there is NO interest on my card for 12 months.Here I am today almost 4 months post procedure and I am using my dilators every day with zero pain and I am having pain free intercourse with my husband.”

“We were fortunate that our insurance covered Dr. Pacik and his office. After our Botox treatment procedure, a wonderful lady named Diane Tremblay filed the insurance claim for us. She was awesome! She made sure we would get as much of a refund as possible. We had to pay up front for the procedure, but in about a month, we got our insurance reimbursement. After going to Manchester, and meeting the wonderful staff, I would have paid for the procedure regardless if the insurance covered or not. The work that they’re doing is remarkable in my opinion.”

“Diane Tremblay has been a huge help to us in getting our insurance to help pay for some of the costs. She has gone to bat for us and even though my procedure was back in October she is still diligently working with our insurance to try and get more reimbursement for us. I highly recommend Diane!”


Peter T. Pacik, MD, FACS