Success in 51 days

Julisa’s Story

Hi Dr. Pacik, I remember the time that I was unable to insert a little finger in my vagina, let alone a dilator or have intercourse. After the botox procedure I woke up with the Big Blue dilator and felt so relieved that I had a healthy normal-sized vagina just like everyone else and that I was able to insert a dilator or even have intercourse.

The last day of my visit at your office I inserted the purple and pink one (to my surprise, in less than 5 minutes) and also inserted the glass dilator.

Fears at Home

However at home, I realized I had problems putting in the pink one and felt bad because I knew I did not have your support any longer since I was so far away. Of course I knew I would be coached by internet and by phone, but still I knew it was up to myself! I had to practice and put my fear away.

Success with the Pink and Blue Dilators!

Then suddenly, I started practicing with the pink one! And it did not even hurt! But then I was stuck with the pink without being able to proceed to the blue. After 3 weeks of being back home, I tried the blue dilator and I was successful.

After some time, I got my period for almost 2 weeks and was not dilating anymore. I decided to use tampons (I was successful) just to be able to insert something in my vagina. I made a dilation schedule for a week long (about 4 hours daily), and began dilating with ALL the dilators of the Pure Romance Package. One by One. From the smallest one to the largest dilator.

4 hours dilating through the evening that I was at home while sleeping on the bed watching TV or just walking around the house doing my stuff. I feel comfortable walking around with it. I just wear a tight underwear and that is it. I even walk around with the blue one. I have a funny walk but nobody cares anyway. My mom and husband knows about it. Apart from practicing 4 hours every evening I used to also sleep 8 hours (the whole night) with the pink one. It´s comfortable to me.

I have tried intercourse on August 31st, September 1, 2 and 3 and since I was a little tensed I was moving away from my partner in bed. He tried to be very understanding but sometimes got irritated because he was thinking ¨When will we ever be like a normal couple having normal intercourse like anybody else¨ I even remember on Saturday he told me to leave him alone for awhile because he had too many things on his mind and he needed to think. I gave him an hour of privacy for him to be alone.

The happy news is that I was able to have intercourse on Tuesday, September 6, 2011!
Exactly 51 days after my procedure!

It did not hurt at all! My husband had a lot of patience and was very kind to me. It did not hurt and it did not feel uncomfortable at all! I had dilated before intercourse 1 hour with the Big blue! It did not burn, I did not feel any stretching. Maybe I was in the right position I don’t know. Next time I´ll try other positions. But I am so happy I´ve had intercourse!

Thank you so much Dr. Pacik, Ellen and the whole staff crew that was very nice and kind with me. And that believed that I could get a cure! Love you guys and thanks again for changing my life!

Best regards! Julisa

Commentary by Dr. Pacik

I am touched every time I read stories such as this. This patient lives on one of the Caribbean islands and failed to make any progress with two sets of Botox injections. After her treatment, she was not instructed in the use of dilators and given no follow up support. She had enormous concerns making the trip to the US both emotionally and financially. She arrived with her mother.

Her history is a difficult one. She was sexually molested at age 9 in day care and was bleeding as a result of forced penetration. Later in life she was unable to tolerate any form of penetration including tampons, finger, dilators, GYN exams or intercourse. Married to someone 16 years her senior, the relationship continued to be under pressure.

By the age of 24 she struggled with vaginismus and vestibulodynia for 7 years and was classified as a Lamont level 5 primary vaginismus. In addition to the two failed treatments of Botox in her country, she tried hypnotherapy, sex counseling and dilator therapy none of which helped.

When examined in my surgicenter under sedation she had maximum spasm of the entry muscle. Her vagina was normal in length, width and compliance as is the case with almost all my patients. In addition to the Botox injections she had progressive dilation under anesthesia. She made superb progress in the recovery room and was able to dilate easily to the largest dilator. She continued to make excellent progress the next day, once again dilating to the largest dilator as most of my patients are able to do, even though by the second day the local anesthesia had worn off.

She kept a careful log and communicated with me on a regular basis. She was highly motivated and all of us were intent on her having a successful outcome. She has been a joy to treat.

Five Months Later She Writes

You don´t know how you´ve changed my life. I believe in God and I say prayers for you sometimes. I thought no one could have ever helped me with this until I found you. I am more than thankful to you and we will surely meet back some day.

I am doing very well. I am having intercourse twice a week. It doesn´t feel great YET, but I am sure will get better. At least I have no more pain. It burns just a little bit if I don´t dilate for a long time but generally I AM CURED! It´s been  5 months now! There´s no more Botox in my system! I am so glad!

Please let me know anytime if you would like to visit the Caribbean Area.

Julisa was treated the same day as Tabia (see Tabia’s story, “Silent Suffering for 22 Years“). All of us have been invited to visit her!