Internet Counseling

Internet Counseling for Vaginismus

Lack of knowledge and lack of Botox in other parts of the world for the treatment of vaginismus

There are women from the United States and around the world that do not have the means to travel for treatment of vaginismus. While it is always best to have an in-person exam and treatment, this becomes impossible for a great many women. Worse, many health care professionals including doctors are not familiar with this problem. Further, Botox may not be available as noted below by this vaginismus sufferer from Nigeria:

“I went to see my doctors today, and previously we discussed the botox treatment for my vaginismus. When the head GYN read through Dr Pacik’s procedure he told me ‘I am very pleased you found out about the treatment.’ So I went back today to meet with the other doctors and went with copies of materials printed from Dr Pacik’s websites – all on botox treatment (including the procedure for the treatment), they were all happy I came across this treatment. But unfortunately when they contacted the hospital’s head of pharmacy, he said botox is expensive and it’s not available not only in my home town but in our country NIGERIA. So for now I have to keep searching for where and how to get Botox injections as soon as possible, while my doctors are getting more familiar with the ‘procedure’. I hope to get it soon and I HOPE THAT TREATING ME WILL SERVE AS AN EYE OPENER FOR DOCTORS IN MY AREA.”

Internet counseling for vaginismus using dilators

Internet counseling has been successful for a number of patients. This involves a carefully supervised program of dilation with a great deal of support. It appears to work best if the woman is able to tolerate some form of penetration so that extra small dilators can be introduced. Any tissue in the body can be stretched, and with care, larger dilators can be used. It will take about two hours a day for a month or two, but successful dilation leading to intercourse is possible for anyone who has the perseverance to continue.

When internet counseling works

The best candidate is the woman who has attempted some form of penetration, be it a tampon, or the use of dilators. Though intercourse is usually impossible, there appears to be less fear and anxiety in this group than women who have never tolerated any form of penetration. She needs to be motivated to succeed and be willing to devote the time needed for dilation. A healthy relationship with her partner makes the process easier.

When internet counseling doesn’t work

When excess fear and anxiety predominate, and no penetration has ever been possible, there is a likelihood of failure trying to counsel these women over the internet. Women who have gone through the Botox program for vaginismus, and have never been able to tolerate any form of penetration, tell me that treating the vaginismus without anesthesia would have been impossible.

Frequently a vaginismus sufferer orders a set of dilators, has no instruction in their use, and often is unable to open the box. These women also will have more difficulty with counseling over the internet.

Since post procedure counseling in conjunction with therapy is vital to the ability to achieve pain free intercourse, women who do not maintain contact will have more difficulty being successful.

Two patients, one patient from California and one patient from Sweden, who had experience with internet counseling were willing to share their stories. I urge the reader to link to these stories to better understand what is needed for success over the internet. In the process, one has a better understanding of how vaginismus impacted their lives.

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