Internet Counseling for a Patient from California

Internet Counseling for Vaginismus

As told by a patient from California

Through a Google search on the use of Botox to treat vaginismus, I became aware of Dr. Pacik’s surgery center and the work he is doing in the treatment vaginismus about a year before I began working with him personally via internet counseling. I have had vaginismus for 24 years. Vaginismus began for me when I was 18 years old, after having successful, pain-free intercourse for a 1 year time span. The pain with intercourse came on suddenly for me while I was in a committed relationship with a man who is now my husband. I have tried various treatments such as bio-feedback, hypnosis, dilation exercises, numbing creams, and psychological counseling with unsuccessful results. After reading Dr. Pacik’s website and speaking to his staff about the treatment they offer at the center, I really wanted to travel to NH and work with them directly. Unfortunately financial and parenting issues kept that from happening, so I began looking in the Seattle area for a Gyn who was experienced in injecting Botox vaginally. To my surprise, I found a Gyn who was willing to work with me and I asked all the right questions (in my opinion) during our introductory meeting. During the actual procedure, I had 6 syringes of Botox injected around the circumference of the vaginal muscle. Sadly, some of the injections got too close to my bladder and urethra muscles and lead to a secondary problem of bladder pain due to muscles that were put to sleep by the Botox. I also did not get any relief from the pain of vaginismus. I got in touch with Dr. Pacik a little while after my Botox treatment and talked to him about what had happened. He described how his placements of the Botox injections are quite different from the Gyn I saw. In hindsight, I wish I had done whatever it took to travel to Dr. Pacik’s surgery center.

Internet Dilation Treatment for Vaginismus

I was too afraid to try Botox again, but I had a strong feeling that Dr. Pacik would still be able to help me. I liked the approach he takes to dilation therapy and it was unlike any other dilation therapy I had been exposed to before. I felt that since I was able to have pain-free intercourse when I first became sexually active, then I could get there again. I am a very health minded person and know a lot about nutrition, exercise and muscle development. To me, it seemed that what I truly needed was the vaginal muscle stretched on a regular basis over a long period of time. On a side note, I had an 8 lb. Baby boy when I was 30, and that did not help ease the vaginismus pain. That sort of stretching was too brief and filled with pain to be at all helpful. Dr. Pacik’s dilation therapy fit with my belief in daily dilation over a long period of time that gradually introduced larger dilator sizes. Before when I would try to use dilators, I was given ones that were made of hard, rigid plastic and the sizes were too large. I would be in pain from the moment I tried to insert them, so I was not motivated to use them.

Epi-no Dilation

Through an online search, I found a product called Epi-no in Australia. It is an inflatable bulb type dilator you insert vaginally and then pump up like a blood pressure cuff. It was designed to stretch the vaginal skin in preparation for childbirth and hopefully decrease the likelihood of an episiotomy. I tried the Epi-no for a while, but that too did not feel good. It was either to small and did nothing, or quickly became too tight and painful. Therefore I did not have success with using the Epi-no.

Dilation Program

I asked Dr. Pacik if he would be willing to work with me via the internet because I knew I needed someone else to be accountable to in regards to a dilation schedule. Dr. Pacik agreed to work with me and he laid out a plan of which dilator size I should start with and how long I should dilate in the morning and the evening. While I was waiting for the dilators to arrive, I read his book and other publications he thought would be helpful. The stories I read about other women struggling and many finding success gave me the hope that I needed to commit to this new dilation therapy. Dr. Pacik’s faith in me and his open and honest communication had a stronger impact on me that I ever could have ever imagined. What a gift to finally find someone who is so knowledgeable about vaginismus, and all that I have been through. He has been both empathetic of my pain and suffering and empowering for my future.

Daily Logs

Dr. Pacik asked me to keep a daily dilation journal and he expected me to email him on a daily basis to keep him up to date on my progress. I was impressed with this level of commitment on his end because I know I am not his only patient. He has this same commitment level to all his patients. Dr. Pacik would congratulate me with my successes such as being able to move up to the next dilator size. He would offer suggestions and positive encouragement when I would feel frustrated with burning sensations that could accompany some dilation experiences. He kept me focused and committed. I honestly feel guilty if I miss a day or so of dilation because I do not want to let him down. That is what I needed to succeed – that external encouragement and motivation. I was too overwhelmed with fear and pain and out of hope after having vaginismus for 24 years to heal myself on my own.

I began working with Dr. Pacik in July 2011 and now, in February 2012, I have progressed to using the largest dilators and can even experience pain-free intercourse with proper dilation before penetration. I would not be in this place if it were not for Dr. Pacik and the work we have done together through emails, Skype and phone calls. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Pacik and strongly encourage any woman to work with Dr. Pacik via internet counseling if traveling to his surgery center is not possible.

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