“We Did It !!!!!!!!!!!! It’s amazing what can happen in 12 hours, let alone just over a week.”

I have received many wonderful testimonials from patients who achieved their goals of pain free intercourse after being cured of vaginismus using the Botox program. They are from a diverse group of patients, written in many styles. Just being able to use dilators after treatment of vaginismus can be monumental. Even discovering a name for their problem with painful or impossible sex is a breakthrough. The common theme is the level of happiness and the feeling of victory after overcoming what seemed like impossibly difficult odds.

These are my favorite emails and each one means a great deal to me:

Sara, 22, two year history of vaginismus, achieved pain free intercourse at 7 days after treatment. Her short email tells it all:

“I can never thank you enough for what you have done for our marriage. You have impacted our lives forever. Thank you! Sara”

Heather, 33, a severe Lamont level 5 primary vaginismus patient with no ability for any penetration, 15 year duration, achieved pain free intercourse on July 4, 2011, one week after her treatment:

“Hi Dr. Pacik! Happy 4th of July! Tima dn I made love today –– woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We did exactly what you said to do and he didn’t thrust at all but left it in for quite a while. We were both in absolute awe that it was in and there was no pain. He also did some finger action and rubbing and previously this was so painful but I absolutely love it today. We’re both just absolutely ecstatic and overjoyed! God, I could never write just how amazing I feel right now. Please just understand that I feel like you and this procedure was a gift from God and I just thank you so, so, so much. This is definitely a 4th of July that we will never ever forget! Love, Heather! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Later Heather writes:

“Hi Dr. Pacik. Tim and I are leaving for Maryland tomorrow and I’m soooooooo excited. This will be our first out of state vacation since the procedure in June. It sounds ridiculous, but I always felt bad going on vacation with Tim and not being able to make love in the hotel. Can’t wait now. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!! Take care, Heather”

“Hi Dr. Pacik. Just got home about an hour ago. Tim and I had a truly phenomenal vacation together. Just so, so memorable and special and this would’ve never ever happened without you – thank you soooooooo much. We’ve gone away so many times but it’s so special and so amazing to be able to actually make love in the hotel for the first time!!!! It’s really the little things that we enjoy the most and this was such an amazing weekend for the 2 of us. We celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary and 11 years together anniversary next month (10/14) and have another getaway already in the works. Words seriously can’t even describe how happy I am – just seriously thank you soooooo much!”

And four months after treatment:

“We’re celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary on October 14th and it truly will be the best anniversary ever thanks to you and this procedure. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Heather”

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