Baby on the Way

baby on the way after vaginismus treatment“Just thought I would let you all know that we are expecting a little one in August!!! I still am so thankful of all of you and what you do every single day. We wouldn’t ever be at this point if it weren’t for you. I always thought we would never have kids because I would just have the problem forever. Or if we did, we would have to use artificial insemination or something. Life is soooooooooo good right now. We couldn’t’ be happier!!! We are saving the big news for our families on Christmas Day. Again, thank you thank you and thank you! :))”

Candice’s History with Vaginismus

This 27 year old patient struggled with vaginismus for 10 years. She had a severe form of vaginismus (Lamont level 4 primary vaginismus). Her history of “hitting a brick wall” was highly suggestive of the muscle spasm which was noted at the time of treatment. She tried numerous treatments including physical therapy, physical therapy with biofeedback, a trial of dilators, topical anesthetics, muscle relaxants, excess alcohol use, a surgical hymenectomy and always lots of lube, all to no avail. She was able to achieve pain free intercourse two weeks after the Botox treatment program. Four months after her treatment she wrote the email above. You can read Candice’s story by linking to Physical Therapy: First Line of Treatment?

Botox Treatment for Vaginismus and Pregnancy

There are many monumental milestones that patients experience in the Botox treatment program for vaginismus. Just waking up with the largest dilator is the first important milestone. Later achieving pain free intercourse is the next important milestone. And certainly getting pregnant is one of the ultimate outcomes in overcoming vaginismus.

Patients have concerns about the health of a developing baby after Botox injections. The good news is that there is no evidence that Botox is linked in any way to miscarriages or fetal mal-development. This is based on the millions of Botox injections that have been given to hundreds of thousands of women worldwide.

While it is true that any woman can have a miscarriage, and certainly fetal anomalies can occur, Botox has never been implicated in either of these.

With a personal history of using the Botox program for vaginismus since 2005, I have had a number of women deliver healthy babies. A few have miscarried and then gone on to develop healthy babies. Vaginal delivery is possible in these women unless there are medical reasons to do a C-section.

We share the joy each and every time we get these wonderful emails from our patients who suffered with vaginismus, were treated with Botox for their vaginismus and are now able to conceive!

The following is from a patient who was treated in 2009:

“Hi Everyone! I hope you all are well. Just wanted to let you know that we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl 8 wks ago (can’t believe how fast time has gone). We are all well :) I had a normal vaginal delivery although long, not as bad as I thought…well I say that now! Felt differently at the time. lol! She was 8lbs :) and is growing well and healthily, thank God :)

I hope things are well on your end, and the surgery is continuing to benefit many women like myself! take care lots of love (name withheld)”