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Dilators Pure Romance Vaginal Dilators (Set of 6 Dilators) Pacik Glass Dilators Dr. Pacik’s Glass Dilators are now available through the company that manufacturers them — Crystal Delight. You can order the dilators individually or in a set of 3 dilators with … Continue reading

Upcoming Retirement for Dr. Pacik from Botox Treatment for Vaginismus

Upcoming Retirement for Dr. Pacik from Botox Treatment for Vaginismus For those who did not get my recent VaginismusMD newsletter, I wanted to share with you my upcoming retirement during the summer of 2015. I have had many wonderful chapters … Continue reading

Vaginismus Treatment Fee Reduction with Dr. Pacik’s Retirement

Fee Reduction and Retirement As the first newsletter of 2015, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. This newsletter will discuss ways to reduce the cost of vaginismus treatment as well as my retirement. Botox Treatment for … Continue reading

Vaginismus Dilating: Finding the Time to Dilate

Vaginismus, Vaginismus Treatment, Vaginismus Causes, Vaginismus Cure, Vaginismus Symptoms, Painful Sex, Unable to Have Intercourse, Unable to Have Sex Five Minutes is better than Zero Minutes for Vaginismus Dilating My vaginismus patients have heard it many times during post-procedure counseling … Continue reading

Vaginismus Dilating

Large Dilators for Large Partners Concerning vaginismus dilating, women who have large partners need to be dilating to large dilators – large dilators or large partners. Treatment using the Pacik Botox multimodal program for vaginismus includes Botox injections and progressive dilation. … Continue reading

Using vaginal dilators

Vaginal Dilators and Vaginismus The correct use of vaginal dilators can be of considerable help to women struggling with vaginismus. Vaginal dilators help with the physical aspect of vaginal spasm. Advancing to the larger dilators can make intercourse more comfortable. … Continue reading

Dilating Post Botox Treatment for Vaginismus

The fear of dilating after Botox treatment for vaginismus One of the scary things my patients express is the fear of dilating the day after Botox treatment for vaginismus. Every patient seems to go through this turmoil. In actual fact, … Continue reading

Dilation in Vaginismus Treatment

How long does one need to dilate after Botox treatment? A frequently asked question is “How long do I need to dilate after vaginismus treatment?” Dilation has always been an important part of vaginismus treatment and was first described by … Continue reading

The Ins and Outs of Vaginal Dilation

The Ins and Outs of Vaginal Dilation for Vaginismus Do vaginal dilators freak you out? Do you have resistance to using them? Or have you just never had much success with them? If so, you are not alone. These are … Continue reading

Dilators and Airport Security for our Vaginismus Patients

Part of the Botox treatment program for vaginismus is progressive dilation under anesthesia. After treatment, patients are counseled on proper dilation and a dilation schedule to follow post treatment. Dilation is a very important part of the treatment program. Every … Continue reading