Having Fun with Dilating Before Intercourse

I have spoken to my patients many times about the importance of dilating with the larger dilators before intercourse. Some of my patients are using vibrators to help them relax while dilating and this has helped them with success transitioning to intercourse.

The Candy Stick Vibrating Dilator by Papaya Toys

After doing some research and speaking to the representative of Papaya Toys, my staff and I decided that the Candy Stick by Papaya Toys could help our patients a great deal with dilating and transitioning to intercourse once they are comfortable using the larger dilators in the Pure Romance Set. The Candy Stick is equivalent to the #6 Dilator – “Mr. Blue” as some of my patients call it.

The Candy Stick has three different pulsation variations, one is a constant vibration and another is a steady pulsation and the last is a random pulsation. Each vibration can be increased and decreased in intensity by a push of the buttons. When you turn the Candy Stick off and on again, it remembers what vibration setting you were last on and it also remembers the intensity of the vibration you last had it on.

The Candy Stick is completely waterproof and can be fully submerged in water. Another nice feature is that it does not lose intensity at all and works just as well in water as it does out of water. I usually recommend to my patients that they can take a nice warm bath while dilating to relax so this Candy Stick can join you in the bath!

Overview of the Candy Stick

The Candy Stick features a swirl design from the tip to about 6.5 inches of its 10 inches length. The Candy Stick is 100% medical grade silicone and is firm; but because it is a medical grade silicone, Candy Stick Papaya Toysit still has a “smooth skin-like feel”. The Candy Stick is flexible and warms to the touch and is available in 3 wonderful colors – Apple, Grape and Strawberry. It is nonporous making it easy to clean and to disinfect.

Another nice feature of the Candy Stick is that it takes two AA batteries that are inserted into a removable battery compartment by twisting the bottom of the vibrator off and this is very easy to do. The two soft button controls are located at the base of the vibrator.

Any silicone dilator or toy should be used with water-based lubes. Silicone based lubes may cause breakdown or distortion of silicone objects because of the concept “like dissolves like.”

While the Candy Stick may not be for “beginners” given the amount of girth and texture, it is an excellent adjunct to women who want to depart from traditional dilation.

A patient writes about her success with the Candy Stick Vibrating Dilator

“I just want to thank you for introducing me to the Candy Stick vibrator. I have been stuck in a rut for the past few weeks knowing that I was ready to have sex but unable to move on from the dilators. Dilating seems so mechanical and unsexy to me . . . I just could not “get in the mood”. When the Candy Stick arrived, I was excited about incorporating this into my dilation schedule. I first dilated with the Pure Romance “Miss Pink” for 20 minutes and then “Mr. Blue” for another 20 minutes. Then I felt ready for the Candy Stick. Wow! I did find it was easy to relax with the Candy Stick and it definitely helped me “get into the mood”. I am now ready to have my husband take part in my dilation with the Candy Stick . . . I’ll keep you posted! How Sweet It is!”

The Candy Stick Vibrating Dilator sells for $75.00. Papaya Toys cares a great deal about their customers and about the quality of the products they put out.

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