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Disgust with intercourse

I am following a 23 year old with a seven year history of severe vaginismus who was sexually molested at the age of 15. She had numerous attempted treatments to overcome her vaginismus that included physical therapy with biofeedback, Kegels, … Continue reading

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Continued Anxiety with Dilation

Erika is 27 with a 2-year history of the most severe form of vaginismus. She cannot tolerate any penetration and has severe pain and anxiety with any attempt. Her daily logs are quite helpful showing continued anxiety to dilators despite … Continue reading

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Dilators for Vaginismus. Discomfort with Large Dilators and Beyond

Brief history: Danielle is a 27 year old with a five year history of Pacik/Lamont , the most severe form of vaginismus. Though she has had some penetration, intercourse has always been impossible. Numerous treatments included Kegels and dilators for … Continue reading

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