The Determination to Overcome Vaginismus

Determination for patients with vaginimusDefinition of “de•ter•mi•na•tion”

  • Firmness of purpose; resoluteness – approached the task with determination and energy
  • Fixed intention or resolution – returned to school with a determination to finish
  • Firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end – a woman of great courage and determination

Dr. Pacik has just finished treating his 200th patient suffering from vaginismus with Botox. All of us have learned many things from these women – one being that women develop a great deal of determination to overcome their condition known as vaginismus through the support system of the VaginismusMD Forum. The following post demonstrates this determination (reprinted with permission):

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for this forum and for the women I have met. Today is day 7 Post procedure. Yesterday I shared with (name withheld) how I have been having major anxiety over getting back into the regular routine of life and she shared with me some great tips. I was so surprised when today I had to actually try it out already. My husband and I had to drive two hours today for business. I was so anxious that I wasn’t going to have time to dilate so I set my alarm to go off at 4:50 this morning so that I would have an hour to dilate before we left. The darn alarm didn’t go off and I was so upset. (Name withheld) had given me some advice last night Vaginismus MD Forumabout dilating while she was busy and so I tried it. I dilated with #4 when I took our dog out potty, fed her and woke up our daughter, packed lunches for the kids. Then I dilated with #5. Wow, talk about really awkward trying to walk with that one in. This was the first time I walked around with #5. Then woke up our son, took out our other dog and fed her, then went into our bathroom and dilated with #6. My anxiety level was off the charts just because I had so little time to do everything before we left. Needless to say it was SUPER uncomfortable walking with #6 so I carefully got ready, those things that I could do without bending, LOL, and stayed in the bathroom for 10 minutes doing all that. Got done just in time to quickly get dressed and jump in the car to drop off dog and kiddos. Now I’m back home this afternoon dilating as I write this. My husband picked up our daughter from the bus stop and let me finish dilating because tonight I pick up my son from practice and then run him to Scouts and we will probably get home late and I know I will be tired. Plus tonight I sleep with #4. Whew! But I got it all done! Sorry for writing a book, but I just wanted to share how great this forum is and to please continue posting and if you haven’t please consider to, because you never know who you might be able to help.”

Support System for VaginismusResponse #1 — You are doing AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Response #2 — You are so very welcome! I’m glad that I could help you out in getting things done today! You are doing such a wonderful job and I’m so proud of you! You are truly one busy lady but one that is committed to overcoming this!

Response #3 — Great, great job!!!!

When a woman with vaginismus first contacts us, she feels as though she is the only woman in the world with this condition. Many of them have suffered in silence for many years. Many of them are embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone including family, friends and even their doctors.

The VaginismusMD Forum is a place where women with vaginismus introduce themselves, share their stories, are able to ask questions and are able to discuss all aspects of vaginismus and their treatment program. It is a place where women get to know each other and are able to give each other the support they need to succeed in overcoming their condition. It is a place where women talk about their fears, hopes, pain, joy and triumphs as other women share with them and celebrate the victories great and small. The Vaginismus forum is a place where women with vaginismus no longer feel alone. But most of all, the VaginismusMD Forum is a place where reading about the success of other women give them hope, motivation and determination.

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