The Importance of Family Support for the Vaginismus Sufferer

Family support for the vaginismus suffererMany of the women that come into our practice suffering from vaginismus have the loving support of their family and friends. Our patients are always encouraged to come for their Botox treatment with their husband or significant partner. If the patient is not married or does not have a significant partner, then she is encouraged to come with a family member, such as a mother or sister. Occasionally, one of our patients will come with many members of the family such as a husband, mother, sister and aunt!

Unfortunately, we do have some patients who have literally suffered in silence for many years. Sometimes, only their husband or significant partner knows about their condition. There has been occasional when one of our single patients has suffered totally alone in silence. For those who are suffering in silence, we always recommend buying an extra copy of my book “When Sex Seems Impossible . . . “ and give it to their family member and tell them “This is me. Please read this book and you will understand.”Giving vaginismus sufferers a voice

We feel that it is important the patient shares their condition with family members so they do not need to suffer in silence. Silence just makes the condition worse. Silence makes the vaginismus sufferer feel isolated and shameful.

We recently had a single woman traveling to New Hampshire from Europe for the Botox treatment for vaginismus. She confided in her brother, as she needed his help in coming to the states. Unfortunately, he could not understand this condition and felt that she should be able to work this out by herself. No matter how hard she tried, he could not understand. She asked for advice on the VaginismusMD Forum. Heather, our Forum moderator, took it upon herself to write a letter for this patient to give her brother to help him understand what women suffering from vaginismus go through. To read this powerful letter, please visit our website under Stories – “Letter to the Family of Vaginismus Sufferers.”

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Peter Pacik, MD, FACS is a recognized pioneer in treating patients with Botox for vaginismus and the author of When Sex Seems Impossible: Stories of Vaginismus and How You Can Achieve Intimacy. He has been in practice for over thirty years and belongs to a small group of prestigious surgeons who are double board certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In 2010, Dr. Pacik received FDA approval to continue his study to treat vaginismus using intravaginal injections of Botox together with progressive dilation under anesthesia.
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