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We created this website specifically for vaginismus sufferers and those women who have sexual pain. Millions of women struggle with vaginismus. It is the most common reason for unconsummated marriages affecting about 1-7% of the world population, yet most are undiagnosed. As a result, women live in silence and shame.

In 2005, I began a journey studying the treatment of vaginismus using Botox injections to help relax the spastic vaginal muscles that were preventing entry. As more and more women became successful, even those with the severe types of vaginismus, it became apparent that this type of treatment had merit and needed to be studied further. I applied for, and received a grant to begin a research study which led to FDA approval. In 2010, I published a book “When Sex Seems Impossible. Stories of Vaginismus & How You Can Achieve Intimacy” to help women understand and overcome vaginismus. This book has received worldwide recognition, and is being used as a study guide for sexuality programs.

My patients became strong advocates with an intense desire to help and educate other women. When I send a blind email to my treated patients that someone with vaginismus needs help or advice, I can count on multiple emails of support.

The Stories of the Women who have been Treated with Botox for their Vaginismus

I have derived a great deal of personal joy working with these women. Their stories needed to be told, the walls of silence dismantled. When I sent out a call for women to tell their stories, to discuss their treatment and to educate others in the diagnosis of vaginismus, I received several dozen responses from my treated and untreated patients. They form the fabric of this website. Commentaries by myself are designed to educate women and help them diagnose their own conditions.

Vaginismus is not something that is “in the head”. It is not willful, nor are the husbands to blame for being poor lovers. Instead it appears to be a simple reflex of the brain perceiving pain, and the vagina saying “no entry”. It is one of the most treatable of the sexual pain disorders, with far more success than the treatment of vulvodynia or medical causes of painful intercourse. A variety of treatments work but at times the condition is so severe that that “standard treatments” are ineffective.

VaginismusMD.com: A source of information and our Forum

VaginismusMD.com discusses the many aspects of sexual pain. It has been carefully organized so that navigation is easy and sensible. We invite all women struggling with vaginismus to participate on the Forum which is moderated by a woman from Boston who suffered from vaginismus for 15 years with no ability for any form of penetration. Her ability to achieve pain free intercourse in 7 days was monumental for her and her husband. Any topic relating to vaginismus can be discussed. Just click on to vaginismusMD.com and navigate to the forum to register.

The future is bright for women suffering from vaginismus. Though little progress has been made since the first case report of vaginismus 150 years ago, there is a new groundswell among vaginismus sufferers to make this a better known condition. I have seen amazing progress since 2009 with more and more people having heard the term, and more health care professionals interested in taking care of these women and their partners. We encourage you, our reader, to get the word out, to post this on your forums, and to participate on our forum. We can teach each other and help give definitions to our feelings. I look forward to advancing the knowledge of vaginismus with you.


Peter T. Pacik, MD, FACS
Diplomate American Board of Surgery
Diplomate American Board of Plastic Surgery
Medical Director of VaginismusMD.com

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About Dr. Pacik

Peter Pacik, MD, FACS is a recognized pioneer in treating patients with Botox for vaginismus and the author of When Sex Seems Impossible: Stories of Vaginismus and How You Can Achieve Intimacy. He has been in practice for over thirty years and belongs to a small group of prestigious surgeons who are double board certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In 2010, Dr. Pacik received FDA approval to continue his study to treat vaginismus using intravaginal injections of Botox together with progressive dilation under anesthesia.
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