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If you are not actively engaged in the VaginismusMD Forum there is a great deal you will be missing. The following topics were posted on May 6 and May 7, 2012

Posted by Heather34, our VaginismusMD Forum Moderator

Category: Success Stories – Topic: Hit the 150 Mark!

Hi ladies. This past week, we reached a milestone as there are now over 150 Forum members and more continue to join every day. Congratulations to Dr. Pacik and thank you again for creating this forum for us as it finally gives us a place to discuss all aspects of vaginismus openly and to no longer suffer with it in silence.

Dr. Pacik has written in the past: “The Forum stands for many things. It allows women to realize they are not alone and they don’t need to live in silence. It gives them a voice. It creates a sense of community with everyone sharing their thoughts and ideas. By reading what others write it gives definition to one’s own feelings. Sometimes it’s too hard to figure it out, but when someone else writes something that makes sense, it can become an epiphany! I learned what vaginismus really means, not from the scientific literature, but from the stories my patients told me.”

I sincerely believe that through our posts and discussions ladies, we are helping so many more women every single day to not only learn about the condition of vaginismus but to also discover that there is a cure out there that really works.

Another post from Heather34

Category: Daily Questions – Topic: Questions About the Dilation Logs?

Hi ladies. There was a recent blog that I mentioned regarding the importance of keeping a daily dilation log. It essentially keeps you accountable for your own progress and is a key component of post-procedure care. I have spoken to other patients who have gotten a little off-track with dilating and they have all mentioned stopping the written dilation log because they were embarrassed about not dilating. I started thinking about the topic of embarrassment and I think that it sometimes gets you “stuck” a bit. For example, in the beginning, I was a little embarrassed about talking openly about sex and all of this as my husband and I had kept this huge secret of vaginismus for so many years. I then realized, as our sex life developed, that it was entirely fine to talk openly and have this communication as it really helped us. Similarly with the dilation log, I think it’s useful to put aside any potential embarrassment and write openly here. What have been your experiences with any embarrassment? How did you overcome this?

Another post from Heather34

Category: Vaginismus Advoccy – Topic: Vulvodynia in Health Magazine

Hi mshopgirl and Dr. Pacik. Thank you for posting about this article and I, too, agree that more needs to be done to educate physicians on the condition of vaginismus as to prevent the automatic “catch-all” diagnosis of vulvodynia. I actually was misdiagnosed with vulvodynia because of the difficulty Dr. Pacik described (i.e. differentiating anxiety from pain). I explained to my GYN doctor that I had researched about the condition of vaginismus and described my symptoms in detail. Despite this, she automatically dismissed what I said and diagnosed me with vulvodynia. Within 1 week of my Botox treatment for VAGINISMUS (not vulvodynia), I was cured and my husband and I were able to have pain-free intercourse for the first time. I couldn’t agree more that it’s very important to share our stories with the media as to educate physicians and clinicians on the correct diagnosis of vaginismus.

Posted by ES

Category: Vaginismus General – Topic: Introductions (2)

Hi ladies, I’m 29 and I’ve had vaginismus for about 6 years. I have my procedure with Dr. Pacik tomorrow (yikes!). I am extremely nervous but reading all the posts on this forum has really helped calm my nerves. It’s so great to know I’m not alone in this. Also, I had my consult with Dr. Pack last week and I was lucky enough to meet 3 women who just had the procedure. At just 2 days post-procedure they were smiling and did not seem to be in any pain at all. That really made me feel better. I can’t wait until this all behind me :)

Posted by Heather34 Forum Moderator to ES

Category: Vaginismus General – Topic: Introductions (2)

Hi ES. Welcome to the forum and thank you so much for posting. You’re going to do great tomorrow and it will be over before you know it. Being nervous is entirely normal pre-treatment but please know that Dr. Pacik and all of his staff are truly amazing! They go out of their way to make you feel relaxed which really helped to calm my husband and me so much. It’s also so cool that you were able to meet 3 of the women who had their procedure last week. I know that you’ll do great tomorrow and we’re all here for you!!!

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