Opening Doors with Botox: It’s More than Just Cosmetic

vaginismus treatment with BotoxWhen people hear the word “Botox,” their mind may immediately go to cosmetic plastic surgery. But Botox is so much more than that. It’s not just for individuals that want to look good – it’s for women that want to finally feel good after years of feeling locked out of life. Vaginismus treatment with Botox is truly a breakthrough procedure that has changed the lives of many women.

Vaginismus Treatment with Botox

And with good reason. The treatment of vaginismus with Botox has evolved to into a comfortable procedure that can be customized for each woman. Before treating vaginismus, it’s important to understand the level of severity – this aids in creating the correct treatment plan. Less severe vaginismus can be treated in a variety of ways. But Botox vaginismus treatment can be used in both primary and secondary levels of the condition. Combining Botox, progressive dilation, and post-procedure counseling has proven successful for many women.

vaginismus treatment with BotoxThis vaginismus treatment with Botox program is successful because it weakens the affected spastic muscles. But there’s more than that. Our program includes the all-important dilators or post-procedure support. We’ve seen women get treated with Botox alone – their success rate isn’t nearly as high.

Dr. Peter Pacik is a recognized pioneer in treating vaginismus with Botox. In 2010 he received FDA approval to continue his study with this line of treatment.

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