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“I think one of the most important tools for advocacy and spreading the word about the condition of vaginismus is Dr. Pacik’s book on vaginismus and the Botox treatment — When Sex Seems Impossible: Stories of Vaginismus & How You Can Achieve Intimacy. For anyone who has just joined the VaginismusMD Forum, I would strongly encourage you to purchase this book and please write a review after reading. The more reviews, the greater likelihood that even one women with this condition will learn that this condition has a name and most importantly, that there is a cure. In addition, I would encourage you to share the book with your doctors and therapists. When I first contacted Dr. Pacik’s office, this was the very first thing that I read and once I started, I read it from cover to cover. After reading it, for the first time I felt like there were others out there who also had this condition that I had been suffering alone with for so long.”

When Sex Seems Impossible: Writing the Book on Vaginismus – by Dr. Peter T. Pacik

Stories of Vaginismus & How You Can Achive IntimacyMy treatment of vaginismus has put me in contact with patients from around the world and many different cultures. While each patient is unique, their stories evoke common themes—the shame of not being able to experience intercourse; guilt over lost relationships; a deep fear that their childbearing years will come and go.

The stories shared by these women moved me deeply, and I felt their voices needed to be heard. When Sex Seems Impossible: Stories of Vaginismus and How You Can Achieve Intimacy provides medical information about this condition and how it can be overcome. Equally important, the book shares the personal experiences of several of my vaginismus patients. These women volunteered to tell their stories in an effort to let their sister sufferers know that they are not alone, and do not need to suffer in silence. I admire them more than I can say.

It is my hope that everyone will one day understand the term “vaginismus” and that it will be as easily treated as “erectile dysfunction”. It is my hope that the world community will understand that these women are not freaks, not less than, just ordinary women who want to share in the same joys as their sisters.

Pacik_book_chapter 1

Chapter Previews of “When Sex Seems Impossible”

Chapter 1 – Wedding Bell Blues . . . and Other Fearful Firsts

On a hot, Southern California evening in July, 1983, Theresa discovered that she couldn’t have sex. It happened to be her wedding night. “I felt like I was going to implode . . . ” Theresa described the sudden fear and panic that overcame her. “I felt like it was going to be awful. My body shut down. My mind was telling me, It’s going to be painful.”

Pacik_book_chapter 6


Chapter 6 – How Bad is Bad? The Five Levels of Vaginismus

Women with vaginismus may report symptoms from manageable to severe, such as one’s patient’s account, “Whenever we would attempt to make love I would have panic attacks, tremors, cry, and a fear would overtake me.” Determining the level of vaginismus is critical in setting a course for treatment – this can be done with a simple self-evaluation system.



Epilogue – Parting the Curtain: The Voices of Vaginismus

If sex seems impossible and you are losing hope, let this book and the voices of the women who shared their stories within it speak to you loud and clear: You are not alone. You do not need to suffer in silence. You can get the kind of support and help you need to overcome this condition.

Testimonial from a eleven-year vaginismus sufferer:

“This is a book that will make you cry with relief that there are people in the medical field who empathize and truly are trying to stand in the shoes of couples who are struggling with vaginismus. I wish this book was around years ago.”

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About Dr. Pacik

Peter Pacik, MD, FACS is a recognized pioneer in treating patients with Botox for vaginismus and the author of When Sex Seems Impossible: Stories of Vaginismus and How You Can Achieve Intimacy. He has been in practice for over thirty years and belongs to a small group of prestigious surgeons who are double board certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In 2010, Dr. Pacik received FDA approval to continue his study to treat vaginismus using intravaginal injections of Botox together with progressive dilation under anesthesia.
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