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Painful sex: When Sex Seems Impossible… by Dr. Peter T. Pacik

WhenSexIsImpossible_1This sequence of blogs discusses the highlights of each chapter in the vaginismus book  “When Sex Seems Impossible. Stories of Vaginismus and How You Can Achieve Intimacy” to help understand vaginismus and vaginismus treatment. The hallmark of vaginismus is painful sex and many patients note that “sex seems impossible”.

Typically women who contact us search for terms painful sex, why is intercourse painful, why can’t I have intercourse. Some who have done more research search for vaginismus or vaginismus treatment.

The book “When Sex Seems Impossible” takes the reader through chapters starting with an understanding of vaginismus and progressing through treatment using the Botox multimodal program and expected results.

Introduction: Stories that need to be told

In an effort to make vaginismus more well known actual stories from my patients were used to create the backbone of the book “When sex seems impossible…” I receive weekly emails from women and couples who are desperate to consummate their relationships, raise a family or to even consider dating, knowing they are unable to have penetration. When Sex Seems Impossible by peter T. Pacik, MD, FACSThese women often have considerable difficulties with gynecology exams and even the use of tampons during their cycles. Some speak about suicide, others are terrified about divorce and all have considerable fear and anxiety to intercourse. One such woman writes:  “I’m desperate. Can you help me? This is my last chance before a divorce. We have always wanted a family, and here I am, a freak. I am so embarrassed. I’m tired of crying. PLEASE HELP ME…”

The vaginismus book “When Sex Seems impossible” shares what I have learned over the years and the evolution of the Botox multimodal program to treat vaginismus.

You are encouraged to order your copy of the vaginismus book through our office or click on to order the book or Kindle version of the vaginismus book.

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About Dr. Pacik

Peter Pacik, MD, FACS is a recognized pioneer in treating patients with Botox for vaginismus and the author of When Sex Seems Impossible: Stories of Vaginismus and How You Can Achieve Intimacy. He has been in practice for over thirty years and belongs to a small group of prestigious surgeons who are double board certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In 2010, Dr. Pacik received FDA approval to continue his study to treat vaginismus using intravaginal injections of Botox together with progressive dilation under anesthesia.
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