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Vaginismus treatment program using Botox Injections plus progression dilation under anesthesia

We recently revised our Plastic Surgery PA home page on vaginismus treatment using Botox to make it more educational and added helpful links.

The summation includes:


Dr. Peter T. Pacik of Manchester, NH is a plastic surgeon who has devoted this portion of his career to the vaginismus treatment using Botox injections plus progressive dilation under anesthesia.

Education of patients and effective treatment has always been my goal. Though vaginismus was documented more than a century ago, little is taught about vaginismus in medical school, gynecology residencies and medical meetings. This lack of education compromises the physician who does not understand vaginismus and why a woman is unable to have comfortable intercourse resulting in dismissive statements such as “It is all in your head”, “Sex always hurts the first time” and “Try some lubes”..It therefore becomes incumbent for patients to self educate. Further, professionals familiar with vaginismus rarely stratify the severity of the condition. More severe vaginismus patients often do not respond to standard treatment programs and can waste a considerable amount of time being shuttled from one treatment to another. The lack of medical support forces women with vaginismus to seek information on the internet, yet here too there is considerable ignorance and misinformation. Seeing advertisements for lubes, dilators and books may help some women with the milder forms of vaginismus but does nothing to help those women who have severe penetration disorders. These are the women who order dilators but are unable to open the box. I have found that given the tools to understand vaginismus, vaginismus symptoms, vaginismus diagnosis, vaginismus treatment and expected vaginismus cure, patients are able to self assess their difficulty with vaginal penetration and painful sex.

I have devoted this part of my career to help women overcome vaginismus, restore their relationships and build a family. The letters of grief written to me by my patients tear at my soul and reinforce my desires to help these women and to make vaginismus more well known among health care professionals. Everyone on my staff shares these sentiments. As a doctor, I am able to use a variety of techniques to help cure vaginismus. Our multimodal program using Botox to calm the spastic muscles, progressive dilation under anesthesia to stretch the tight vaginal muscles, post procedure counseling and careful follow up has resulted in a high rate of long term vaginismus cure and is the only program in the United States to have received FDA approval for continued research in the field of vaginismus using the Pacik multimodal vaginismus treatment program.

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Vaginismus At A Glance

Click onto our newly revised home page “Vaginismus At A Glance” on our plastic surgery website for more information on the following topics.

  • What is Vaginismus?
  • How Common is Vaginismus?
  • Vaginismus Diagnosis and Vaginismus Symptoms
  • Vaginismus Treatment and Vaginismus Cure
  • Ineffective Vaginismus Treatment
  • Additional Resources for Vaginismus
  • Additional Helpful Links
  • References which include important publications on vaginismus.

In addition, a number of “Vaginismus Articles” can be read that are unique to the website and I hope you will find these articles and stories to be of value. Some of these vaginismus articles include:

  • Birth of a Child: A Testimonial
  • Botox for Vaginismus & Progressive Dilation
  • Commentary to David & Rachel
  • David’s Experience with Vaginismus
  • Dilators for Vaginismus, Correct Use
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Vaginismus
  • Khadija’s story
  • Khadija’s Story Updated: Its a Boy
  • Pelvic Floor Anatomy
  • Rachel: The Blessing of Botox
  • Rachel: The Blessing of Botox Part 2
  • Rachel’s Experience with Vaginismus
  • Team Approach for Vaginismus
  • Using Botox for the Treatment of Vaginismus
  • Vaginal Dilation under Anesthesia
  • Vaginismus, Botox, Skype
  • Vaginismus: Case History
  • Vaginismus Pre & Post Questionnaires
  • Vaginismus Treatment
  • Vaginismus and YouTube
  • Wendy: Another Woman of Courage
  • YouTube Videos by Dr. Pacik
  • And many more articles

Contact Us about Vaginismus Treatment

If you have any questions about our vaginismus treatment program using Botox and progressive dilation under anesthesia, please contact us via our contact us form. More information on vaginismus and the vaginismus treatment using Botox and progressive dilation under anesthesia can also be found on our sister website, PlasticSurgeryPA.

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About Janet Pacik

Janet Pacik is the practice manager of the Plastic Surgery Professional Association and oversees our daily operation. Janet has an active role in all operations of our vaginismusmd website. She collaborates often with Dr. Pacik and has great empathy for the vaginismus patients. She is always willing to give support individually as well as to the couple in their struggle with this condition.
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