FDA Approval to Research the Treatment for Vaginismus with Botox

FDA Approval to Research the Treatment for Vaginismus with Botox

Dr. Peter Pacik is proud to be a leader in the field and an FDA approved researcher regarding treatment using Botox and progressive dilation under anesthesia to treat vaginismus. This has been a huge hurdle in understanding and curing this all-too-often-overlooked condition. It’s overlooked because women are frequently embarrassed or ashamed to discuss it with their doctors. This represents hope for vaginismus sufferers – and it begins with learning about the importance of a multi-modal program using Botox in the treatment for vaginismus and its benefits.

Why is FDA approval so important? Firstly, it allows Dr. Pacik to continue his research to help women navigate the sometimes rocky waters of this condition. FDA approval for this research is also important because it represents the first time the FDA formally recognized a treatment for vaginismus. Women have been suffering from this condition for more than a century and the proper treatment for both the physical and emotional aspects hasn’t been recognized until recently. The continued research allows for the potential for women to receive treatment and to progress to intercourse. More and more insurance companies are comprehensively covering the treatment for vaginismus and this type of research is a large reason why.

Botox is as safe as aspirin when administered correctly, making it an ideal drug for vaginismus treatment. With Dr. Pacik’s continued research, we see a bright future for women suffering from this form of sexual pain on the horizon. Learn more about Botox treatment for vaginismus here.

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Janet Pacik is the practice manager of the Plastic Surgery Professional Association and oversees our daily operation. Janet has an active role in all operations of our vaginismusmd website. She collaborates often with Dr. Pacik and has great empathy for the vaginismus patients. She is always willing to give support individually as well as to the couple in their struggle with this condition.
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