A Vaginismus Cure: Patience and Taking Control

A Vaginismus Cure: Patience and Taking Control

vaginismus cure requires patienceWomen that suffer from vaginismus have likely been doing so for a long time – without saying a word about it. It’s a condition that is surrounded by shame, secrecy, and silence. Fortunately for these women, there is a vaginismus cure that can bring them out of the dark. It requires taking control of one’s sexual health and the patience to go through the process. The Botox treatment of vaginismus can be thought of as a 1, 2, 3 Punch to the condition.

  • Punch 1: After achieving a vaginismus diagnosis, it’s time to begin treatment and regain control. The first punch is the injection of Botox under anesthesia. This knocks out the spastic muscle at the entrance of the vagina, setting the stage for the next punch.
  • Punch 2: This is where patience and perseverance come into play. This phase starts with progressive dilation under anesthesia in order to stretch the tight muscle. Once weakened and stretched, continued dilation helps to keep the muscles in a more relaxed state.
  • Punch 3: This isn’t a physical punch – it’s an emotional one. A lifetime of painful sex and penetration can cause a great deal of anxiety. Learning to erase those pain and anxiety triggers from the brain takes time. But as the body can heal, so can the mind.

The Botox vaginismus treatment program consistently results in a high level of vaginismus cure. One of our patients wrote:

My hubby and I were able to achieve intercourse a week after the procedure and now have a pain-free and enjoyable sex life. I KNOW this treatment works! Finding this treatment that resulted in a vaginismus cure was the best thing in the world for us!”

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