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Vaginismus: Finger Dilation

Finger dilation — what happens The normal physiologic response to finger penetration is for the vagina to quickly go through a relaxation response making penile entry possible. This is what would be expected and happens in the vast majority of … Continue reading

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Dilators and Airport Security for our Vaginismus Patients

Part of the Botox treatment program for vaginismus is progressive dilation under anesthesia. After treatment, patients are counseled on proper dilation and a dilation schedule to follow post treatment. Dilation is a very important part of the treatment program. Every … Continue reading

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Botox for Vaginismus News

MSNBC.com did a news release on February 25, 2011 on my FDA approval for the study of using Botox for vaginismus. Most of the comments that follow the msnbc.com news release are of value to the reader because patients who … Continue reading

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Dilators for Vaginismus. Getting started

Getting started with dilators for vaginismus is actually fairly simple if one self assesses the severity of their vaginismus. If a woman is able to tolerate some penetration, there is a good chance she can advance with dilators and achieve intercourse. There are a number of companies that sell dilators. I prefer the Pure Romance line of dilators which are available through my office by calling 1-800-640-0290. Continue reading

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