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Dilators for Vaginismus. Resistance

Melissa, a 22 year old with an eight year history of vaginismus, She has been unable to have intercourse for two years and has tried numerous treatments without benefit. She was treated with the Botox program for vaginismus which included Botox injections, injections of a long acting anesthetic, and progressive dilation, all under anesthesia. She was able to achieve full pain free intercourse at four days and continues to do well, now six months later. Continue reading

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Dilators for vaginismus: The Home Stretch

It may take two to three months to adequately stretch tight vaginal muscles, but perseverance pays off. Some of my patients report working with dilators for 7-10 years but they were either not instructed in the proper use of dilators, or their schedule was “on again, off again”. Once the larger dilators are comfortable, transition to intercourse is physically easy but emotionally difficult. Continue reading

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Dilators for Vaginismus. Getting started

Getting started with dilators for vaginismus is actually fairly simple if one self assesses the severity of their vaginismus. If a woman is able to tolerate some penetration, there is a good chance she can advance with dilators and achieve intercourse. There are a number of companies that sell dilators. I prefer the Pure Romance line of dilators which are available through my office by calling 1-800-640-0290. Continue reading

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