Testimonials Part 2

Allie, 22, married and aware of her vaginismus for only six months.  Primary vaginismus with no ability for any penetration. Achieved full pain-free intercourse in two weeks.

Patients who have the support of a therapist are encouraged to maintain their therapy with them after treatment. Allie was lucky to have the support of Dr. Diana Wiley, a well known sex therapist from Seattle, Washington. After the first day of treatment she writes:

“Hi Dr. Diana, The procedure went great! I actually didn’t even get nervous. I felt really prepared and the staff was all very nice, and Dr. Pacik was also of course. Zack got to watch and found it really interesting. I guess I squirmed while I was under and tried to move my arms a bit. I woke up with the largest dilator and had no trouble at all taking it out and re-inserting! They had me use the next two sizes also. It was way easier than I was expecting and I didn’t feel lightheaded at all when I was doing it. It is uncomfortable and weird, and also kind of hard to walk/move around, but there is no pain. We go back tomorrow morning for the follow-up therapy and education and whatnot. I’m sure we’ll be in touch soon! Allie”

Permission was given by Allie to post her email to Dr. Diana. Allie’s stories “Dark Side of Vaginismus” and “Intercourse is Possible” are also featured on our VaginismusMD.com website.

Candice, suffered from a severe form of primary vaginismus for 10 years. Two weeks after treatment with Botox injections, progressive dilation and counseling she was able to achieve intercourse. At one month she writes:

“The entrance muscles are still tight at times. Sometimes the dilators slide right in with no discomfort at all and with complete ease, and sometimes I have to fight through that entrance muscle a little. Overall, I am ecstatic at how things are going. I mean, it hasn’t even been a month since my procedure and I have made SO much progress. YAY!”

Later she writes:

“Day 47-September 24 – had intercourse in the AM (this is only our 2nd time) and it was great! At first it was really really tight going in and somewhat painful. Once it was in for a few minutes then everything was totally relaxed and there was no pain or discomfort at all. It felt completely normal. I was able to get pretty relaxed, still tightening my thighs a little (______ on top), but nothing like I was before. This time was WAY better than it was the first time and was already much less mechanical. We are so excited!”

Two months later as she was helping to support and advocate for Allie (testimonial above), she wrote her own thoughts about advancing directly to Botox treatment instead of the intermediary step of physical therapy. Candice’s story “Physical Therapy: First Line of Treatment?” can be found on our VaginismusMD.com website.

Our treated patients also become strong advocates for other women inquiring about treatment for primary vaginismus. Heather (established patient) wrote the following to Sandra (considering treatment):

“Hi there. My name is Heather. I recently received Botox treatment for primary vaginismus with Dr. Pacik on 6/27. Prior to receiving his treatment, I had primary vaginismus for 15 years. I’m 34 years old and have been married for 5 years. I just had the procedure – 1 week ago (last Monday) and today, July 4th, my husband (Tim) and I had intercourse for the first time. Needless to say, we’re overjoyed today. I’m just so impressed with Dr. Pacik, the procedure, and the dilator treatment following. Sandra, prior to the procedure, I was honestly so anxious that I couldn’t even insert a Q-tip. I seriously think that I was the most anxious patient that Dr. Pacik has ever had. Today, after just 1 week, I can insert a dilator and most importantly, have intercourse. It still seems so surreal and Tim and I are just taking it all in and are so, so happy. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help you in any way that I can. Please e-mail me back any time.”

Post Note: Sandra, who also struggled with primary vaginismus for 15 years, had Botox treatment and achieved success five weeks after treatment.

Marisol, age 39, struggled with inability to achieve intercourse for eleven years and unable to maintain a relationship, was successful 8 weeks after treatment:

“Hi Dr. Pacik, Well i am emailing to let you know i finally did it. The first time it was very painful, but right after the second it wasn’t at all. I went to Spain with a friend and I had the best time of my life. I am so happy with this. I feel I can have a normal life like any other woman. I am SO GREATFUL FOR EVERYTHING. YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIFE. Regarless of everything, i will contine dilating. I have no problems inserting the blue dilator. I am glad i decided to look for help. If it wasnt for you, I don’t know if I ever would have been able to achieve this. THANK YOU.”

Julisa from the Caribbean, had two courses of Botox treatment in her home country and both failed. No post procedure support was given. After struggling with inability to have intercourse for seven years, she achieved pain-free intercourse at seven weeks. At 3 months she writes:

“I’m having intercourse 3 times a week and it does not hurt at all. Im just a little tense in my legs but thats nothing. I’m glad it doesn’t hurt at all. And tell you the truth, I enjoyed it the last time we did it. It was different then the other times.”

Often I am copied on emails between patients. In this patient-to-patient commuication, the ability to achieve dilation is monumental at three days:

“Sleeping with the purple wasn’t as uncomfortable as the first night. I can’t wait to get home and dilate, LOL! I think that the soreness is going away little by little as well. Mr. Blue is still a challenge for me but I have better luck with Ms. pink! Also, being able to recover next to two other girls gave me more courage to keep going. David was so comfortable and excited as well! He wanted to stay an extra day, ha-ha! I will start sending Dr. Pacik my dilation log tomorrow and I plan to do it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday going forward. We are excited and feel less lonely. Dr. Pacik is the best doctor ever! I’ll keep you posted! Botoxed Maria…”

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