Testimonials Part 3

Anxiety and Fear Before Vaginismus Treatment

Most of our vaginismus patients arrive with considerable fear and anxiety, even though they have been counseled ahead of time. One of our patients from Scotland, Geraldine, was a Lamont level 5 primary vaginismus patient who struggled for 20 years and was unable to tolerate any form of penetration.

Geraldine’s exchange with Sue, our medical administrative assistant, was very touching.

“Sue, . . . It was lovely to meet you and you were so nice to us. I have to say your words with us upstairs before we went down for the procedure are among the clearest memories I have of the experience – you had so much gentle wisdom and kindly-offered advice to two very nervous and anxious people! The holiday part of our time in the States was fantastic. And, obviously, we are delighted with the treatment! Thanks again and we’ll be in regular contact, Best wishes,”

Sue writes back:

“Good morning, Thank you for your kind words. I am in awe of our patients. Each one of you comes to us needing help with an extremely personal issue. An issue who’s impact on your lives I can only begin to imagine. In many cases, you travel a great distance with hopes high that this will be the end of vaginismus. To say that I am honored to meet each and every one of you would be an understatement. The courage you display, the steadfast support you receive from your mates, and your willingness to openly defy vaginismus speaks volumes about who you are. All of this resolve remains, often after several attempts at treatments that have proven unsuccessful. I am humbled by your strength and your ability to trust after all you’ve been through. To know that I have helped in even the smallest way is gratifying. I wish the two of you all the best. I look forward to hearing from you now and then. Regards, Sue”

Note from Dr. Pacik: Sue Breault no longer works with us and we do miss her dearly. Cynthia is usually your first “go to” person now. Cynthia’s passion and compassion are exemplary. Cynthia has years of experience working with vaginismus patients and is featured on our Meet The Staff webpage.

At 1.5 weeks, Geraldine writes back to Dr. Pacik

“Dr Pacik, WE DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!! It’s amazing what can happen in 12 hours, let alone just over a week. God bless you and your work. Thank you. Geraldine.”

Post Note: Geraldine’s story “Vaginismus for 20 Years” is featured on our VaginismusMD website.

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