Testimonials Part I

Missy, 28, struggled with vaginismus for eight years.

Missy spent eight years trying to overcome her vaginismus, but continued to fail different approaches of treatment. She spent the last two years trying to advance with dilators but was unable to get past the small sizes. Any time she thought she was ready, her fear and anxiety got the best of her. After her Botox treatment for vaginismus, 32 turned out to be the magical number.

Botox treatment for vaginismus“I couldn’t wait to write and tell you! Tonight Lane and I had our first attempt at intercourse and it was a success. It only took 32 days! I’ve been dilating with a dildo 5 1/2″ circumference for about a week and a half and we decided to try tip only after my 2 hours of dilating. It went way better than planned. I was able to fairly easily get most of Lane’s penis inside with only slight discomfort, no pain, just pressure. We were even able to do some movement! I was on top which I think helped because I could control everything. But Lane moved a little and it didn’t bother me. This is so exciting. I can’t stop smiling! Amazing! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to work on this and get good at it :) Lane is happy too :) I’ll keep you updated as we progress. Please tell everyone at the practice I said thank you!”

Ashley, 22, struggled with vaginismus for two years. On day four after Botox treatment for vaginismus, she writes:

Love for the vaginismus sufferer“Last night I dilated with the purple and the pink without any problems, other than the initial twinge I get when inserting sometimes. Dan and I had a little trouble inserting his penis to begin with. Then I dilated with the pink again for a few minutes and we tried again. That time we had no problem and we achieved full penetration, no movement. I slept with the purple one. This morning I dilated with the pink no problem. A few hours later Dan and I attempted penetration again. This time we had no problems and we successfully had sex!!! I was just a little sore after but it went away quickly. I am going to dilate again tonight with the pink and maybe attempt the blue.”

Anne, 56,  secondary vaginismus and complete inability to tolerate any form of penetration for six years. She writes on day 7 (Independence Day, July 4, 2011!!)

“Hi Dr. Pacik SUCCESS! Dan was able to reach an orgasm!!! I did not get satisfied but I am not regretting that at all. I am just so thankful Dan did! It was a bit tender the deeper he went into me, can you explain that? But I kept him just going not as far and he came! Thank you so much!!!

Please Note: Anne’s “Personal Account” can be found on our VaginismusMD.com website under Menopausal Secondary Vaginismus.

Alexandra, from Canada, was a severe Lamont level 5 primary vaginismus with no ability for penetration for 12 years came to our clinic with her fiancée of 7 years.

Post Note from Dr. Pacik: After Alexandra and her fiancée returned to Canada, they broke off their engagement. Alexandra and I communicated often and agreed that when she was ready, vaginismus would be her secret. (The question of whether to discuss the past history of vaginismus is covered in our counseling sessions when we treat single women. Most agree they just want to move on and not share this.) She dilated ahead of time and achieved intercourse six months after treatment without pain. She writes this follow up 15 months after her Botox treatment for vaginismus:

Botox treatment for vaginismus” I am happy to report that I’ve been in the same relationship for the last 10 months and I’m very happy! Aside from the emotional happiness I feel, the sexual closeness between us has been incredible. We went on a cruise together in April and laughed that we had sexual intercourse (vaginal) over 20 times! I can’t believe how much things have changed. I think I may desire sex even more than he does! Thank you again for EVERYTHING.”

Paula, 54, primary vaginismus for 15 years.

Paula’s History: Married at 39 and was unable to consummate. Paula has tried numerous treatments including 28 weeks of sex counseling, 12 weeks of Kegels, 8 years of dilator therapy (on and off), and 10 years of lubricants. After scheduling her Botox treatment for vaginismus with Dr. Pacik, Paula wrote this email to Sue, our medical administrative assistant.

“Dear Sue, THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing this information with me and taking time from your busy schedule to talk with me! ! !  I feel as if the sun has come out after 15 years of dark, rainy and cloudy days. It’s as if God has opened a door of heaven for me and is flooding me with His blessings. I was so excited to initially hear about Dr. Pacik on the Doctor’s TV show that I literally jumped for joy in my living room – praising God for answering my prayers of almost 15 years! I will celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary on Oct. 5th. I wanted to do something special for my husband – such as a 4 day week-end to Eureka Springs, AK where we honeymooned. Now I think we will be making a trip to New Hampshire instead. I told my husband yesterday after I had read Dr. Pacik’s website and watched his YouTube video that it made my decade – I was so excited!!!! I had a session today with my counselor who has been working with my husband and myself to try to overcome vaginismus since this past January. I had her read the website and watch the video. She told me to get a medical referral from my internist (for insurance reasons) to send to Dr. Pacik ASAP and to start the process of pursuing treatment. She intends to buy his book and share it with all of the counselors at her Christian counseling center. She is thrilled for me. I cried tears of joy as I walked out of her office with her and she hugged me. I will start completing the forms tonight. Gratefully, Paula

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