Vaginismus Cure Testimonial

A Testimonial from the Middle East

Vaginismus cure allowing women to have pain free intercourse is the goal of vaginismus treatment

The Botox multimodal treatment program developed by Dr. Peter T. Pacik has demonstrated a high level of success in curing even the most severe forms of vaginismus.

Patients from around the world

We have enjoyed taking care of our patients from around the world. Each brings along their unique culture. Bonding with them has been one of the great joys of working with couples struggling with vaginismus. Permission was obtained to include the testimonial below from this middle eastern couple. After reviewing a comprehensive medical/psychosexual history a Skype conversation is done.

This 22-year-old woman was unable to tolerate intercourse and complained of excruciating pain with any attempt at penetration. She had a positive family history for vaginismus. Psychosexually she had a strict religious up bring regarding sex and she developed fear of intercourse as it related to first time sex, vagina too small, pain, tearing and bleeding. After marriage intercourse was impossible because of severe pain.

She was treated under anesthesia with Botox injections to the spastic entry muscle of the vagina, progressive dilation and post procedure counseling with post procedure monitoring of her progress. During her counseling on the day after her treatment I will never forget her response to the question “Can you visualize having intercourse?” She smiled through her veil and said it would give her great pleasure! At that moment I knew she would be successful!

Following her discharge, the couple toured New York. She was able to advance to the large dilators in two days and intercourse on day nine. Their story appeared on our Forum. She continues to do well now more than a year after her treatment.

Great-Distance Journey Ends With Great Success!

Part 1: I am H., a husband of a great wife; S. We have been married for a couple of years, we live in the Middle East!

I am not sure how to start telling you our story… but …

I can’t imagine how heavy the beginning of our marriage was! My wife was crying each time we think or talk about her condition, she was always trying to escape from it. She thought the escaping was the short-term solution!! I was always telling her not worry about me. I emphasized that I will never never leave her alone facing this problem! However, she still struggling with it as she was always feeling she is not a normal wife!

We went to two therapists in our country, both were blaming her for her extreme fears! Both were killing her from within!! I was hating myself seeing her hurting without finding a proper treatment. Finally, I decided NOT to talk about it until we found a true solution. I did not want her to cry . . . without hope . . .

My search eventually led me to Dr. Pacik, I read about the treatment method he uses. I read more and more, then I contacted him, he was welcoming and provided me with a soft-copy of his great book which convinced us to make a journey to him in New Hampshire! As a great distance travel, we needed some time to be ready for it.

On Feb 2nd, We had a 14 hours-flight to Boston MA. Then, we took a car to Manchester NH. We went to Dr. Pacik office on Feb 4th in order to complete some forms. at that day, we met Ellen, a great member of great staff. she was absolutely supportive. My wife then had her procedure on Feb 5th, although she was nervous that day, everything was going so so smoothly. she woke up after procedure with the largest dilator-in. We then cried happy tears!!

Following Part 2 : Successful Transition to Intercourse!

Few days later, we were in NYC enjoying our time over there, I was not really in rush to have intercourse until making sure S. is completely ready for it. However, in the valentine day, as we were foreplaying, we decided to try intercourse! we just made a decision! why not? lets try it! It was a good time in a good place! we tried and it worked!! I could not really believe it! It was just a second honeymoon! The first intercourse may be painful some time, however, just keep dilating and try having intercourse until we find yourself totally cured. recently, we had intercourse twice at a night! That’s need some work to get it :) Ends.. Note: I meant to write it as Husband because I loved to add a different view/value to it. I think it’s important to hear from guys sometimes. Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to me or S. here .. Thanks for reading ..